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“Take care of my heart, I’ve left it with you.” ― Stephenie Meyer, Uber Franz Kafkas Roman “Der Verschollene” - Die Beziehung Des Protagonisten Karl Rossmann Zur Restlichen Figurenwelt
I’ll be dreaming. (319) by whatmegsaid on Flickr.I remember you everytime I have my eyes shut, in my wide awake, after my turbulent hours and also during my alluring fantasies.
ugly dolls by Kevin Dyer on Flickr.Flies are smelly,
They smell like poo,
I thought I was ugly,
Until I met you!
Shoes by line68 on Flickr.Try to live in someone else’s shoes: Not only you find the size bothersome, you will also feel the dampness and smell irritating, to the hell and back

" This burden is so GREAT, but it tastes so SWEET {Missing you in every breath I breathe} "

loving u always

Photo Courtesy: heartieelicious